dimanche 7 mai 2017

Rien que pour la couverture n°11

Voici le rendez-vous instauré par Gribouille sur son blog, Les lectures de Gribouille, qui nous permet de présenter des couvertures de livres sur un thème donné. Ce rendez-vous a été repris également par Lianne, sur son blog : De livres en livres.
Les livres ne sont pas nécessairement en français et je ne les ai pas tous lu. J'ai juste flashé sur leurs couvertures.
Cette semaine j'ai choisi le thème:  Guitare

#Book Review of #SixStrings from #ReadersFavorite - https://readersfavorite.com/book-review/35733  Reviewed by Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers' Favorite  Riley has a passion for music. Not just classical music, which she performs brilliantly on her grandmother's old, upright piano, but also every twentieth-century and contemporary popular form of music available. It's understandable, in a way, when Riley discovers that her real father, her natural father, was a bit of a rock legend in ...:

Couverture Les Cordes de Cristal, double, tomes 1 et 2

Couverture L'infini + un

3rd grade have been involved in a writing project on spiders, which has been a great deal of work. They visited with Mary Amato, a children's & young adult author, about her personal challenges with the writing process. They learned helpful tips to overcome writer's block, to become inspired, and so much more!:

Fractured Beat (Meltdown Book 1) (English Edition) par [Hilliard, RB]

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